6 Reasons You Need Forte Hair Lotion for Thinning Hair

Consumers of today’s age are more loyal to health culture than ever. The public’s perception of the need for organic remedies has increased radically, inspiring the pursuit of natural alternatives to cosmetic treatments. People are deterred from medicated hair growth lotions, often known for containing toxic chemicals that may lead to other health-related side effects. In response to this concern, the Forte Hair Lotion by Tricovit is an innovation in natural hair growth research, working to cure thinning or balding simply and safely.

1.) It’s Natural

Forte Hair Lotion is formulated with vitamins, minerals and amino acids— the root basics of building healthy hair. By augmenting your body’s normal processes, it works in harmony with your body’s natural growth functions.

Forte Hair Lotion contains an innovative fusion of Pumpkin seed, Saw palmetto and Cayenne Pepper— a powerful trio of antioxidants that normalize the scalp’s hair growth patterns.

A natural hormone balancer

These nutrients are common in herbal medicine to minimize DHT— a type of testosterone hormone. When DHT levels escalate, the hair follicles stunt hair growth. Forte Hair Lotion resolves this chemical imbalance by restoring the ability of the body to control its hormones.

A natural circulation booster

Starting with nourishing your scalp cells n, the Forte Hair lotion contains vitamin C and B5, cohesively working together to maximize hair follicle activity. Vitamin C facilitates the transport of oxygen-rich red blood cells to the hair follicles, while also assisting in the production of collagen—the structural entity that preserves the shape and flexibility of the hair follicles. Meanwhile, vitamin B5 addresses hair loss by increasing the availability of sebum, therefore “increasing hair flexibility, strength, and shine and helps prevent hair loss and graying,” explains Jessica Levings in Today’s Dietition Magazine.

2.) It Heals Your Scalp

Soothing and rejuvenating, the Fore Hair Lotion features scalp-calming agents to heal sore hair follicles.

One of the prime ingredients, Extract of the Achillea Millefolium flower, offers anti-inflammatory and detoxing effects to prevent an itchy, dry scalp. According to award-wining scientist and author, Walter H. Lewis, Achillea Millefolium relieves immune-related stress to the body, including the injured follicle cells. By relieving inflammation, hair follicles can heal, improving the conditions for growing hair.

Betaine is another essential component of the Forte Hair Lotion, working to keep the scalp free from contaminants, microbes and dandruff. Based on a 2018 study by the Center for Dermatology and Hair Diseases, University of Zurich, Wallisellen, Betaine maintains a clean surface by attracting water to the hair follicles. The added moisture to the scalp creates a barrier between the hair follicle and external impurities.

3.) It’s Non-Allergenic

Made without shellfish or gluten, Forte Hair Lotion is free from common allergens. Friendly for sensitive or eczema-prone skin, the formula is developed with a dermatologist-grade commitment to safety and quality, so it won’t irritate the scalp.

Various leading hair growth brands, such as Viviscal and Nutrafol, contain fish-based byproducts to nourish the hair follicles. These remedies, however, are not recommended for those with seafood allergies. For this reason, Forte Hair Lotion is free of any marine ingredients.

The formula is also free from gluten and other grain-based constituents. These ingredients can cause minor skin reactions in people with sensitive immune defenses. To ensure maximum safety, Forte Hair Lotion does not contain gluten or fish components.

4.) It Prevents Fungal Infections

The human scalp hosts an array of impurities: bacteria, dandruff, allergens, dandruff, dirt and oil. These contaminants clog the hair follicles on the scalp, creating an unhealthy environment that promotes the growth of yeast.

According to Healthline, yeast can overpopulate on the scalp when conditions are favorable. When the yeast overpopulates, these stress-inducing microbes cause inflammation to the hair follicles– a disease known as folliculitis. This condition is essentially a fungal infection on the scalp, which hinders hair growth by injuring the hair follicles.

Infected hair follicles will not function normally. To rehabilitate the scalp, the Forte Hair lotion uses natural antifungal vitamins to combat yeast.

5.) It’s Anti Aging

With a strict focus on antioxidants, the Forte Hair Lotion formula works to guard the scalp against the effects of aging.

Dimethylsilanol Hyaluronate is a hyaluronic acid– a gooey substance that’s naturally produced by your body. This skin-protecting agent defends your scalp against sun damage and toxins released from bacteria or yeast. These aging chemicals and microbes produce free radicals, which due to oxidative stress, injure the hair follicles. “Free radicals invade large macromolecules leading to cell damage and homeostatic disturbance,” according to Dr.A Patil, a medical researcher at the Botany Department, Maharashtra, India.

By shielding your scalp from these free radicals, the hair follicles stay healthier and younger when free from oxidative stress. Forte Hair lotion creates an anti aging effect on hair, working to protect the scalp from invaders that slow hair growth.

6.) It’s Designed By Dermatologists

Developed by a dermatologist-lead research facility based in Italy, the Forte Hair Lotion is a pharmaceutical-grade remedy for hair loss. Many of the leading alternative brands, however, are not based on pharmaceutical research. Rather, they are typically researched, developed and manufactured by cosmetic or technological research facilities– not pharmaceutical companies.

Tricovit Hair Care understands that hair loss is more than just a cosmetic issue. It’s an ailment that requires a comprehensive healing program. In response to this need, Tricovit specializes in drug free alternatives to promoting hair growth. The Forte Hair Lotion addresses the underlying cause of hair follicle damage by boosting the body’s immune cells.

All Tricovit products are clinically supported by pharmaceutical and dermatological research. Committed to safe and effective natural hair growth treatments, Tricovit exceeds the realm of cosmetics to deliver real, drug free cures for hair loss.

In the market of hair growth supplements, Forte Hair Lotion is leading the way to a pure and natural hair loss remedy. To order, visit the Tricovit Hair Care website and purchase your monthly 10-pack treatment. Apply to dry or damp hair (if applying after washing) and gently massage into scalp. Use about three times per week for at least 3 months to see results.