The Tricovit

The Tricovit program offers a solution to the extraordinary demand for an alternate hair thinning treatment.  Developed by M.D.s in Italy, the Tricovit treatment was formulated to achieve equivalent results to the pharmaceutical options through the use of natural ingredients. Suspension of treatment will not cause hair thinning.

Formulated By Italian Dermatologists

The best M.D.s in Italy have collaborated to develop products that maintain healthy hair growth and prevent premature hair thinning. Originally sold through prescriptions, Tricovit is also promoted by hairstylists and hair professionals directly to their clients due purely to its results.

There’s No Secret.
Just Hard Work.

For the last 30 years, Tricovit has been the leading dermo-cosmetic hair thinning treatment line in Italy and several Latin American countries.

Nourishment, protection, maintenance.

Balance Sebum on the Scalp, Gently

Tricovit is a gentle hair nutrient system composed of just the right balance of surfactants.  This helps improve conditions on the scalp by producing a natural oil that improves the hair’s general appearance.  Hair is visibly healthier because Tricovit products clear the follicle of excess sebum allowing the hair to grow freely.

Three Major Objectives

Tricovit has shown to achieve results in the three major categories essential to healthy hair growth: nourishment, protection, and maintenance. The combined use of Tricovit products helps to regulate the sebum on the scalp. This provides a regenerative effect that prevents thinning caused by aging, pregnancy, sun damage, etc.  Tricovit promotes increased blood flow to the follicles, the basic formation of hair, and keratin structure.