Hair thinning is characterized by the progressive shortening of the anagen phase and prolongation of the telogen phase. The anagen phase becomes briefer and eventually, the hair becomes finer, shorter, and less deeply colored.

The Tricovit Follicle Treatment stimulates hair growth according to the body’s natural three-phase hair growth cycle. The components of each product aid the uninterrupted progression of the hair growth cycle preventing hair thinning.

Tricovit products use natural extracts to help combat hair thinning as anagen stimulators, androgen inhibitors, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants rather than medications.

Yes, the Tricovit products can be used on all hair types. Results will not vary depending on the hair type.

Yes. The Tricovit Follicle Treatment contains anagen stimulators to induce and prevent the interruption of the anagen phase in hair follicles. This permits your hair to remain in the growth phase for the full duration allowing hair to grow to its full potential. As a result, the number of hairs simultaneously in the resting phase decreases, lessening the number of hairs shed at a given time.

The consistent use of Tricovit Forte Lotion offers the most rapid anagen stimulation.

The treatment should be used consistently for at least three months to achieve the best and long-lasting results.

Results are noticed after three months of consistent use due to the progression and duration of the hair growth cycle.

Yes, Tricovit products will not interfere with color or chemical treatments applied to hair. It is recommended to wait three days after color or chemical treatments to apply Tricovit Forte® Lotion.

• The Tricovit products are beneficial to those seeking to prevent hair thinning as well as those looking to restore hair growth in their dormant hair follicles.

• For a preventative treatment*, the combined use of the shampoo, conditioner, and tablets will aid the continued growth of healthy hair. The use of the shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and tablets serves as a more intensive treatment restoring growth to the dormant follicles.

*Tricovit Lotion can also be used to prevent the thinning of hair.

• Those suffering from genetic hair loss should consult a doctor to determine the best solution.