Key Ingredients in a Natural Hair Thinning Supplement

Hair thinning is not only caused by genetics– contrary to popular belief. Scalp conditions such as balding, folliculitis and alopecia are also influenced by a weakened immune system. When the body’s defenses are compromised, according to Healthline, the pores in the scalp struggle to self-regulate, leading to an excess of oil production, dead skin cells and bacteria. Over time, as the hair follicles become infected, the scalp is too inflamed to grow new hair. To remedy this condition, recent studies confirm the effectiveness of specific herb-derived ingredients.

Amino Acid

Amino acid is essential to developing proteins in the body. Since hair is comprised of proteins called Keratin, amino acid supplements are a natural way to improve hair growth.

Most hair thinning supplements, however, do not incorporate this natural approach. Rather, they contain synthetic agents that are foreign to the body such as Minoxidil. It’s a short-term solution that unnaturally prolongs the growth phase of hair. As WebMD explains, these hair growth products work by inducing an early anagen phase to the hair follicles, forcing them to grow for longer intervals. This synthetic remedy causes adverse allergic reactions– a discovery recently found by a team of researchers at Department of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

That’s why amino acid is being embraced as a natural alternative to remedy thinning hair. Dr.Gowda from the Hairline International Hair Clinic published a study in 2017 that linked alopecia to amino acid deficiency. Consequently, amino acid is a vital component of a natural solution to hair thinning, as seen with products such as Khiel’s Strengthening & Hydrating Hair Oil and the Restorative Package by Tricovit.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a medical fruit often used to lower DHT– a type of testosterone hormone. When DHT levels are too high in the body, it signals the body to slow down hair growth. To address this chemical imbalance, saw palmetto helps correct the body’s ability to regulate its hormones, thereby normalizing the hair growth patterns.

According to a 2016 study by Dr.Chin H. Ho from the University of Pittsburg, hair loss is influenced by a dysbiosis of the body’s hormone levels. Essentially, as DHT levels are too high due to factors such as stress or poor health, the hair follicles can become malnourished and dysfunctional. “DHT is thought to cause hair follicles to miniaturize, and this contributes to male pattern hair loss,” according to Medical News Today.

So by introducing saw palmetto into a natural hair thinning supplement, this nutrient can speed up the recovery of hair.

Primrose Oil

This anti-radical agent, obtained from the primrose plant, helps to soothe and moisturize the skin cells. According to Healthline, this herb contains fatty acids that form a shield between oxidative stress from the atmosphere and the scalp. This hydrating barrier keeps the hair safe from dehydration, dandruff and infection– leading causes of balding.

Primrose oil is also a natural anti-fungal. It restricts the populations of yeast and fungal irritation when applied to the scalp to help heal folliculitis. By adding moisture and regulating hormone production, this herb cushions the hair follicles and their respective strands, while defending against inflammation.

This anti radical ingredient can be found in hair loss treatments such as Shampoo for Dry Hair with Evening Primrose by John Masters, Hair & Scalp Cellular Treatment by La Mer and the Forte Hair Lotion Pack by Tricovit.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps purify the hair follicles, explains Ralph M Trüeb from Zurich University Hospital. It helps to generate the hair-building protein known as collagen — the binding force that creates strength and structure.

Additionally, vitamin C “fights off free radicals that cause brittle hair and hair follicle damage,” reported by the research team at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland. By strengthening the body’s immunity and maintaining a healthy Ph level on the scalp, vitamin C wards off any toxic invaders that slow down hair growth.

When vitamin C is used in a natural hair thinning supplements, the hair follicles can detoxify more effectively against free radicals and impurities. This key ingredient can be found in natural hair loss therapies like Kieihl’s Magic Elixir Hair, Tricovit Restorative Kit and Living Libations Scalp Tonic.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

A coconut-derived fatty acid, Betaine is commonly used in natural hair thinning supplements. It is considered a surfactant: a mixing agent that helps emulsify or foam liquids. By trapping dirt and impurities on the scalp, while leaving a moist surface behind, Betaine is ideal for maintaining a cleansed and healthy environment for hair growth.

According to a Scientific paper published by Dr.Paul A Cornwell from Princeton University, surfactants such as Betaine are excellent cleansing agents. By purging contaminants such as foriegn residue, germs and allergens from the hair follicles, the scalp remains clear from hair growth-inhibiting fungal infection and bacteria.

The Leave-in Treatment by Rahua contains Betaine to fortify existing hairs against breakage. Or for a more medical-focused solution, to fix the problem at a cellular level, consider the Restorative Kit by Tricovit or the Remedy Intensive Treatment by Aveda.